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Reader Comments


Taken from emails, FaceBook posts, and other social network postings directed at the author.

Read your book in 2 days, could not put it down! Seriously, I've read a lot of books and I've never read a book so fast. Every time I tried to put it down I picked it back up. Amazing and I hope your writing another one.... I am now a Fan and Encouraging people to Not only read it but buy it.


What's going on the book is GREAT!!!


All, I can say is, I loved the book... I did find it intriguing and tried to figure out the ending but with no avail! LOL I don't hear from you, cause I understand that you are busy, but just know that you will be in my prayers always!


Hello Bro. Haven't had much time to do anything lately but the second I got a chance I wanted to say hi and let you know that the book was awesome. I loved every word.....my girlfriend bought a copy from you.


Mr. Damien, I wanted to send you a personal message to congratulate you on writing an immensely entertaining novel. At first, I wanted to pace myself and make the book last at least a week, but I pretty much threw that entire plan out of the window by finishing the book in just a few quick hours. It's quite the page-turner! I'm also very impressed with how easy it is to read and to grasp the concepts. Certainly, if this were to ever be optioned as a movie, I would totally understand why, not to mention I'd also be the first one in line to see it! If a movie never happens, then you better make damn sure there's a follow-up to this story, because I honestly did not want the book to end. All in all, Convict Grade is a very enjoyable read and I want to thank you for crafting such a fun novel. Good luck with any and all future artistic ventures.


I've thoroughly enjoyed your book. For me books are all about the characters and I really enjoyed yours. Each one is memorable and well developed. I can say I would recommend this book to anybody.


Convict Grade is a captivating and inspiring novel that keeps your full attention from beginning to end. The characters are so relatable that you find yourself drawn into every obstacle and every choice they make. Once you start reading it you can't put it down. Before long you will be pondering the same questions that the people of Convict Grade are asking. When the moment comes what will your answer be?


You already know I absolutely love the book, but really wish (Censored to not reveal the plot for other readers!)


I really enjoyed Convict Grade. It's difficult to find a good book these days. There aren't many original ideas out there. My favorite part had to be the porcelain doll. Those are the creepiest little things. Then having the girl turn into one... that was pretty cool and gross. I am not easily creeped out but the doll...I got the creeps. Loved the town under the town setting. That was a nice touch. Oh by the way... I will never own a hamster...that was nasty...I loved it.


Dude I love your book. The way the characters are portrayed and the description of the town as well as its people are superb. I really like the two main characters the way they are described they remind me of myself at their age. I can really identify with them.


I just finished reading the copy you sent to Miguel. I loved it! You kept me intrigued from the very first page and not many people can do that. Can't wait to see what you write next!


Convict Grade is definitely a Great book its got a gripping story to it, fresh and exciting story lines , Convict Grade has everything horror readers today want. It is jam packed with all the horror goodies we all love, classy horror is the name :)


Convict Grade is a story that I really got into not only because I inspired one of the characters in it, but the pure enjoyment of reading a story that gets more and more intense as you read it, it was a read that I will have to read again. The ending kind of surprised me but was well left for a second book that I am already waiting for. Anyway, thanks for the book, 5 out of 5 for me.


Hey Az, to be honest with your work, although I found in your story a little amout of naivety (meaning the love line) it got me immediately. Your writing was so readable, so pleasant read that actually I lived with your heroes. I was so anxious to know what would happen next that I had to read every possible minute even if it should had been just one more sentence. And the most important thing (for me) was that thanks to your novel I found again my long lost passion for reading books. So I�m really proud to be owner of signed copy and just can't wait your next book! Thanks Az.

Ps: Thanks to Hammond and Tigger I left my brand and start smoking Marlboro :)

Pps: Sorry for my English. It's a very long time since i was chatting or talking to someone in English.

So best of luck and see you soon!


Az! I thought this book was sweet! It was by far the best book I've read in a long time. It felt as if I was with the characters and I felt what they felt. It also had some really good horror they sparked my interest as well. Thanks for the read - can't wait for the next one.


Your book was one of the best I have read in a long time, it had compelling characters that made me feel what they were going through, the descriptions of locations made me feel as though I was watching from the side lines as the story unfolded.


I have been reading your book and loving it, actually. The chicken feed part has been my favorite (Sooooo sick). It's moving really fast, which is way cool. It keeps me reading. And I'm not just saying that. If it sucked, I would tell you. Like I said, be Azrael - the most hard-core horror writer around. All in all, the book speaks for itself.


I just read "Convict Grade" written by Azrael Paul Damien. From the first page I was hooked. There is more than just horror in this book there is adventure and comedy and romance and tragedy. His characters are great and very easy to relate to, you just get drawn in to their lives and their circumstances. I love a good story that is full of twists and turns and surprises. This story was one of them! I love a story that you have to read everything to the end to figure out what is going to happen, this book did that as well. While reading this book, I smiled, laughed, cried and cringed. It is a true page turner. I agree that the horror scene hasn't seen anything this good in a long time!


I very much enjoyed reading this book. The characters grab the reader's heart and the situations that they find themselves in cause chills. You find yourself rooting for the characters to triumph even while being reminded that they are human, have faults and failings. The writing is imaginative, and just when you think that things could not get more bizarre, a twist is thrown in that is completely unexpected. This is intelligent horror that keeps the reader enthralled. Thanks Azrael for writing a great story!


Good mornin, I finished our book and I just want to tell you I loved it. It flowed and I enjoyed it. Consider me a fan and I can't wait for your next book. Please keep me posted so I can be first in line when you publish. I would also like to tell you it has been a long time since I found a writer that made me think as I read. I thought I got the plot then boom I was wrong. That has been a while. You are right up there with my favorite writers and its a short list so thank you.


Just finished reading Azrael Paul Damien's book Convict Grade - bloody brilliant! If you like King, Herbert or Layman you will LOVE this book!


Just finished the book, it is quite the page turner. You can't help but fall in love with the main characters and just want to know what's in store for them next. I was so annoyed everytime I had to stop reading because the baby would wake up or just having to deal with daily life interruptions, lol. I am more of a gamer, so I haven't sat down to read anything in a while, I forgot just how addicting a good book can be (more so than a game). Thanks for getting me to read my horror books again.


I love this book dude... I'm probably gonna love the next one too.


I finished your book!! Ok I finished it days ago but was being a dork and kept forgetting to tell you :: blushes :: I really enjoyed the book! Had just the right amount of horror, humor and haste. Ok, haste just was another H word that sounded right. So when is the next one?





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