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Convict Grade, a small town snuggled deep in the rugged Montana Mountains, attracts tourists and seekers of the supernatural due to local legends that tell how the entire town vanished a hundred years earlier.  Unbeknownst to the townspeople and visitors who are gathering for the annual festival commemorating the events of that fateful day, an ancient, evil army is once again marshalling beneath their feet. Our story follows four teenagers as they come face to face with the demons that seek to destroy the town, throwing them into a desperate struggle for survival. Hammond, an abused teen with a troubled past, uses his hard-earned survival skills to protect his best friend, Tigger, and their unlikely companions: Sara, a popular cheerleader, and Bailey, a new girl in town, just recently arrived from Australia. Brought together by a strange, common dream, they discover friendship, strength, and love as they fight against the evil horde and uncover secrets from the past that will help them prepare for the final, decisive battle, and the fate that awaits them.


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